Company Profile

Danor Theatre and Studio Systems ltd. Is the leading company in Israel for more than 40 years, as a solution provider to the entertainment business. In the last 10 years, as a pioneer developer in the led lighting revolution, Danor has extended its expertise to the architectural field as well.

Danor represents more than 25 world leading manufacturers in the stage lighting and effects field , and TV studios overall equipment. Its huge rental and sale stock, enables Danor to fulfill any customer's needs and demand, fully and immediately.
In addition, Danor's R&D department, is constantly working on developing new diming & control systems, as well as Smart Home devices, to fit the modern needs and requirements of the in-out door Led based, green lighting luminous in the entertainment and architectural fields.
Danor group with its subsidiary companies, covers complete area of light, sound, stage installation, exhibition, T.V. media and architectural field, in consultant, design, production, installation and operation.

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