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Danor Theatre and Studio Systems Ltd. is the leader provider of professional lighting in Israel for more than 40 years.


Danor provides full lighting solutions for the entertainment,private and architectural markets.

Danor represents leading brands such as: ROBE,COMPULITE, D-LED, PHILIPS, ROSCO and others


Since 1968 Danor represents an equivalent name for quality and professionalism in its field for Theatres, studios, event halls and for the entertainment market.


The tremendous range of products enables us to reach all customers' needs, according to the budget with a fine financials terms.

Danor has a major sales operation, skilled consultants, hundred of products, tens of suppliers with strong and leading brands, allowing us to provide our customers full lighting solutions.


Our manufacturers are demanded to keep strict standards, they are chosen carefully after comprehensive inquiry.


Danor represents leading lighting suppliers, for  studios lighting designs we represents Desisti, the leading company in Europe,

For Theatre and Architectural we represent SPOTLIGHT,

For Productions and events we represent Moving Heads by ROBE, 

Professional Controllers by Compulite, Light Curtains and Dimmers by Danor and high standard tailor made led solutions by D-led .

We maintain modern and up-to-date showrooms alongside to an accessible and comfortable sales site.


Our Lab services are based on a qualified senior team, who will make all efforts in order to fix your product on time in the best quality, They are reliable and keep spare parts for the products for years.

Danor has a rental services for professional lighting products and accessories. Our customers recieve full professional and private support.


Danor group
Danor group consists of danor and  subsidiary companies :
d-led,  dandd, dash, eylon
D-LED is a High-Tec company, created to utilize the latest and most advanced in High-Brightness LED technology.
Dandd represents professional sound systems for stages and studios
Dash stages and linens -all about stages
Eylon –professional lighting support and service
Among our customers are  well known and respectable organizations and companies such as the Israeli Knesset,  the  national theatre and local theatres, hotels, conference halls, TV studios, light services suppliers, universities and colleges and more.Flexible working hours, availability round the clock, broad warranty, attractive prices, turn-key project services  and professional guarantee for years you safe with danor!

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Danor theatre and studio systems ltd., 9 hanagar st. Hod Hasharon, Israel
Tel: 972-9-7444222









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